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So, now she had the idea but she didn't want to just start selling baked treats and forget about the quality and the process. She wanted to open up a boutique shop where everything was baked in small batches. She wanted every bite to taste like a hometown, thoughtful creation that you couldn't just find anywhere.

Great idea, but not always an easy thing to achieve. So, mom wanted Christina to partner with her. 

Christina was always down for a business venture but baking was never a passion for her. She typically prefers the artistic side of things (sales, photography & creative). So,  at first she wondered how "into" this she could get.

She thought about it and decided to "give it a shot". Christina and Maureen now joined forces and brought together their love for baking & business, launching Cupcake Mojo.

It all started at local Weymouth, Ma farmers markets. We then started traveling to other cities and towns until we grew a following.


In 2012 we partnered with Wahlburgers in Hingham, Ma and were featured on Food Networks' Cupcake Wars. This year was a whirlwind for us, we did a lot, including getting roped into some bizarre photo shoots (not hard to miss on this page)...we had no idea what was happening and  have literally cried looking at the pics. We hope you can enjoy too 😂.

And, yes, that's a blockbuster movie in the picture above in mom's hands. The 90's, what a time to be alive 😆...


Anyways, we are excited for you to hear our story!


Maureen (mom) had little (or zero 🤭) time to cook while she was raising her kids (Nick, Alex & Christina). To be real, she was a terrible cook 😂, who loved to bake. She found the time to do it because it made her happy. The best mornings for our family were when mom made Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins. We could literally smell them baking at 7am. It was really funny, mom would leave the chicken parm dish in for too long with the wrong kind of cheese...but baking, no. It all had to be perfect.

It actually got to the point that anywhere we would bring mom's treats, people would ask for the recipe.

So, mom had an idea. Around 2010 (while Christina was still in college), she wanted to start a business. Mom is probably one of the "free-ist" (if that's a word) spirits we have ever met. We distinctly remember the day she said...

"Just for the fun of it, let's start trying to sell some of this". 

The favorite treat that she would bring around was her mother's recipe. It was a whoopee pie cupcake. This soon became the first cupcake on our menu and is still our best seller (thanks nana 🥰). Check out our first version of this cupcake and our first ever logo below...

Our first event

This is the first time we tried going to an event and actually selling our cupcakes. As you can see, our "style" has changed a lot. However, like our menu today, these are all super unique flavors. The strawberry margarita cupcake was a fan favorite!

First 6 Pack

This is a picture of our first logo, packaging & version of our signature flavor, Nana's Whoopee Pie. 

Maureen & Christina

This is a picture from 2011. This is when we were still baking out of our house and set up props behind us to look like we were in an "official" office. Check out those shirts though...

Inside our shop

This is an inside look into our current shop in our hometown of Weymouth, MA. This is not our first shop, we actually started in a much smaller location with less foot traffic. 


No words for this one. Just enjoy it. Maureen is a natural. Wish I could show you more.

partnership with Wahlburgers 

We partnered with Wahlburgers in 2012. This is after we filmed on their A&E series.

That idea you have? You can make it happen.

...and now we've made it! Well... Maybe we are not ALL the way there yet. We are constantly working on new ideas. But hey, we started from the kitchen now we're here 😆.


We have a store front in our hometown of Weymouth, Ma and are selling our cupcakes at Wahlburgers Hingham, Dorchester, Fenway & Lynnfield locations.

We now have a whole mojo crew working on our desserts, many of us being family. It has truly grown to become a passion for all of us and we 100% love baking people happy!

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